Camera time!


I got batteries for my good camera and soon, I’ll be unstoppable. In the meantime, I’m gonna see how I can consolidate all my millions of blogs into just one. I keep forgetting passwords.


We’re not in Kansas anymore


I had a birthday! I’m 33 and so is Nat but she didn’t show. First thing in the morning, the ugliest stray cat in the world, Duckface, came by to visit me. Just because he knew it was my birthday, he sprayed all over the trash can and the dresser that will one day go into Annika’s room. He knows just the right thing to do:)

After school, me and the kids went to Peachtree City to visit Nana, and everyone got to help make cupcakes!! I got an awesome convection oven, I almost just spelled conviction oven, which I’m pretty certain is something entirely different and may or may not bake anything. My regular oven is still broken, so this is THE BEST PRESENT EVER!! Mommy wins at presents. But don’t tell anyone else. I like all gifts. So keep ’em coming!!